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3 major classifications of UAV system

An unnamed aerial vehicle is also called a remote pilot aerial system .although they are most
commonly known as drones. Unnamed aerial vehicles are used for observation and tactical
planning. Nowadays the technology is available to use in the emergency response field to assist
crew members. UAV is classified into altitude range, endurance and weight, and also supports a
wide range of applications. Medium-range reconnaissance UAV systems include military and
commercial applications. Abraham Kareem is the person who invented the UAV. At an early
age, Kareem has an innate passion for aeronautics, and at the age of 14, he started building
model aircraft. Kareem is honored as the father of UAV drone technology.

Classification of UAVs according to size

Small UAVs

The small UAV seeks dimensions ranging from the size of a large insect to 30 to 50 cm long.
The insect-like UAVs with flapping or rotary wings are the famous micro designs. They are
extremely light weighted, small in size, and can be used for spraying and germ warfare. The
larger one will utilize conventional aircraft configuration. The choice between rotary wings and
flapping is a matter of desired agility Israeli IAI Malat mosquitoes are an example of very small

Medium UAVs

These classes will apply to UAVs that are too heavy to be carried by one person. But it is still
smaller than light aircraft. These will usually have a wingspan of about 10 m and can also carry a
payload of 200 kg. The hunter has a wingspan of about 10.2 m and is 6.9m long. It is overweight
and it is very difficult to take off. The rs-200 by American aerospace is an example of a UAV
that spans the identification of small and medium-sized UAVs. Most of the Medium range
reconnaissance UAV systems can be found in the reading assignment. These are also numbers
of rotary-based medium-sized UAVs.

Large UAVs


The large UAV class appeals to the large UAVs used mainly for combat operations by the
military. Examples of the large UAVs are US general atomics predator A and B and the US
Northrop Grumman global hawk.

Things to know about drones:

Drones are the most popular in the fast-moving world. Nowadays the techno accessories market
is full of drones and best quality hardware with 4k quality cameras. The drone first appeared as
an article for military use and was used excessively high-cost. It is upright to say that many
military drones are used to make war movements. The acceptance of drones can be considered a
real revolution. With the constant evaluation of these products, new applications will have
appeared. There are several models of drones that are most popular in market.

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