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Author: The Armortech

The Main Uses And Importance Of Ballistic Vest

A sort of protective clothing called a ballistic vest is made to absorb and/or deflect physical assaults. It is primarily intended to shield the wearer’s body from explosion- and firearm-related projectiles. Designed to absorb and/or deflect the force of bullets fired from pistols, shotguns, and

Can a Ballistic Vest Stop a Bullet?

The safety of individuals working in a high-risk field, such as the Police, Commando, or Military, is a high priority. A ballistic vest is necessary when someone with compromised safety must safeguard themselves from any potential projectile or ballistic threats. These are part of the

Can a ballistic helmet stop a bullet?

During military combat or law enforcement activities, a ballistic helmet is a piece of personal protective equipment intended to shield the head from bullets and fragmentation. The helmet is constructed from a variety of materials, including laminated composites, ceramics, aramid fibers, and Kevlar. It is

How Remove Stains From Ballistic Nylon Suitcase

Suitcases and other travel bags are typically made of the tough and long-lasting material ballistic nylon. Although it is very resistant to deterioration, dirt and grime can still stain it. Ballistic nylon suitcases can be stained, but there are several ways to get rid of

All About Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems

Since the late 1960s, military forces have used Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems or MANPADS more frequently, and today they are an essential part of a contemporary integrated air defence system. Despite being relatively small and portable, they have a significant impact on the battlefield because they

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Ballistic Suitcase

A type of protective luggage called a ballistic suitcase is made to offer some degree of defence against ballistic attacks. It is typically made of Kevlar or another composite material that is bulletproof and is intended to shield the suitcase’s contents from projectiles like bullets.

What Ballistic Level Are Military Helmets

Ballistic helmets are made by the professional manufacturers for the solders to provide a high level of protection. The helmets are made as per the specification of the army. It must provide the best protection to the wearers. The army make sure that the ballistic

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Ballistic Vest

Ballistic vests are used by the soldiers and other security guards professionals at the time when they are performing their duty. It is a kind of body armour which helps the wearers to protect themselves from gun fire. So it becomes important for the wearers

3 major classifications of UAV system

An unnamed aerial vehicle is also called a remote pilot aerial system .although they are most commonly known as drones. Unnamed aerial vehicles are used for observation and tactical planning. Nowadays the technology is available to use in the emergency response field to assist crew