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What Ballistic Level Are Military Helmets

Ballistic helmets are made by the professional manufacturers for the solders to provide a high level of protection. The helmets are made as per the specification of the army. It must provide the best protection to the wearers. The army make sure that the ballistic helmets are made up of high quality of materials that provides a high level of protection to the troops against the bullets. This kind of helmets were introduced few years back as a replacement to the vintage metal head gears as well as fibre glass head gears.

The ballistic helmets that offer the best protection against the bullets that is 9 mm have been brought into the service and are used by the troops against the fibre glass helmets. The threat of 7.62*39 mm bullets to the troops there became a need to bring the induct ballistic helmets keeping in mind the parameters of higher protection. As per the army they have projected the requirement of around 80000 to 100000 helmets that includes 3600 for the troops that are deployed for protecting the country and fighting the terrorists.

The Level Of Protection A Military Helmet

What it has been seen is that the ballistic helmets are first tested by the experts before it is bring in use by the soldiers. These kinds of helmets are well tested and are well known standing against the test of time. These kinds of helmets are highly durable and have great ability to resist against fragmentation, penetration, and blunt impact.
It has also been seen that the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) tests ballistic helmets and assigns the best level of protection. If you will look carefully, you will see that the levels are IIA, II, III, IIIA and IV. The highly durable ballistic helmets can easily offer a great level of protection this is known as level III. The soft body armour on the other hand includes the level IIIA and it is also the low level of helmet. If you check the level IIIA ballistic helmets then you will find that it is made up of the best material which is Kevlar fibres. The level III A helmet is not as much durable as level IV. The level IV can provide the best protection against the bullet of a rifle.

What it has been seen is that theLevel III military helmetsdon’t have thelatest Kevlar materials. This is one of the best materials that do offers the best protection. So if you want to stay safe and stop rifle ammunition thenlevel III. This is one of the bets reasons as why the level III is one of the best choices.

Therefore, if you want to buy the best and high quality ofballistic helmets then you must always hire the experienced and professional manufacturer. The professional will offer you all the right details and information. Not only that they will also provide you tips on how to maintain the ballistic helmets and use it for long years.

You can trust the professionals to offer you the best service and that too within a reasonable price. So when the professional and experienced team are there by your side then you don’t have to take any kind of stress. Theballistic helmets manufacturers will not only offer the service but will also provide you a warranty. Hence you can be sure of getting the best possible result and that too within the limited time frame. To hire the professional ballistic helmetsmanufacturer, you can check online and get the best details about them.

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